Sailing on a yacht in Croatia

We rented a yacht charter for travelling from Split to Dubrovnik. The travelling experience in the yacht was truly astonishing and wonderful. We met a talented child who can swim on his own in childhood age. We were really starred on his sea adventures and so we had a wonderful time while travelling in yacht. Our kids also enjoyed the explorations in high range. The fort of St. John is an amazing place with several modern attractions. We entertained lot when we spent our time in this fort. We chartered yacht in Croatia from Split and we were very happy we can sail with it..

Croatia yachts
Naval artifacts and model boats are present at the museum which is near to the fort. Interesting displays of exotic fish collections were a great treat to our eyes in aquarium. Our child enjoyed the time while seeing different types of fish. We looked for a restaurant to have our dinner at nighttime. We were glad to taste those Croatian foods and it was very tasty and delicious. The services offered in restaurant made us to have our food with great comfort. Then, we returned to hotels to have some good sleep.



Milna is one of the most beautiful villages in Croatia (Croatian) at all times. This village is located on the western side of Brac Island. The main attraction of this village is Chakavian dialect spoken by residents only in this village. Once we have visited this small village, we were satisfied and keep away from our stressful life. We have spent our time in this village and enjoyed the social activities. We were happy about the overall support and responsiveness of every resident in this village. We have taken some photographs and remember our leisure in this village.